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GT 1600

GT 1600

The GT1600 is a nice and simple organ with every thing you need from an entry level instrument. The 30 styles are providing the best accompaniment for your favorite songs. Two sections of sounds ensure the melody lines and the best solos for your performance.

The Easy Play features will let you play like a Pro using two fingers and using the Automatic Set Up feature each style will automatically select the best sounds, effects and tempo.



Upper Orchestral Voices & Organ Sounds

The sampled sounds available in each of the orchestral sections (Upper and Lower) have now a even more natural feeling. The Upper Organ Section has organ preset sounds with Flute or Tibia voicing. A variety of features such as Reverb, 3D Sound Enhancer, Octave shift and Sustain can be used to enhance the sounds

Built In Registrations & Automatic Set Ups

In order to allow you to sit down and play straight away using professional sounding registrations each of the 30 onboard rhythm styles has an Automatic Set Up. These convenient registrations, set up the whole organ instantly using sounds appropriate to the musical style selected. The GT1600 allows the player to adjust these registrations to suit personal taste

Advanced Rhythm Orchestrations

The GT1600 has an extensive rhythm section featuring different rhythm styles. These cover a broad range - from traditional dance rhythms such as Waltz, Foxtrot and Quickstep to modern contemporary beats and great Latin rhythms. Each style has 2 Variations, fully orchestrated Intros and Endings and Fill In patterns.


Keyboards Upper: 49 notes Touch Sensitive Keyboard
Lower: 49 notes Touch Sensitive Keyboard
Pedals: 13 notes
Polyphony 84 Notes
Upper Organ 13 Organ Presets, Sustain, Motion Effect Slow/Fast
Upper Orchestra 12 Sounds + 12 Variation Sounds, Chorus, Sustain, Octave, Volume
Lower Orchestra 6 Sounds + 6 Variation Sounds, Sustain, Volume
Bass Section 4 sounds + 4 Variation Sounds, Sustain, Octave, Volume
Rhythm Section 30 Styles with 2 Variations, MFC/OFC, Auto Bass, Auto Chord, Memory, Intro/Ending, Fill 1/2, Auto Start, Start/Stop, Drum Volume, Acc. 1, 2, 3 Volumes
Auto Set-Up 30 Style Settings
Effects Reverb: 12 Types - Chorus: 8 Types - Enhancer: 5 types
Controls Master Volume, OMC, Set Button
Tuning Transpose, Pitch
Dynamic On/Off, 5 selectable Curves
Midi 32 Midi Channels, Control Change On/Off, Program Change On/Off, Local Control On/Off, Int./Ext. Clock, Midi In (2)/Out/Thru
Volume Pedals Master Volume and Programmable Pedals
Sockets L / R Outputs, L / R Inputs
Headphone Headphone Socket
Speakers 2 Channels, Soft Cone Speakers, 60 Watts

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