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Structural Integrity and musical performance are paramount for all pianists and educators. Conover Cable pianos are highly regarded as one of the best educational pianos in the world because they are designed to withstand continual use. Therefore when you select a Conover Cable piano, expect great tone, consistent touch and exceptional tuning stability

:Conover Cable History:
:Quality Assured:


available with a 5% deposit and 24 months no interest easy payments

110cm upright with soft fall lid (D)

available all colours


Deposit $174.75




Deposit $244.75




Deposit $294.75



148CM GRAND $9495

available ebony polish

Deposit $474.75


Beginner Intermediate Advanced Baby Grand
Conover Cable Piano Upright models are also available in Polished Mahogany or Walnut 
Prices can change without notice, Please call for our latest deals and prices- 0754864328

H D Cable H.D Cable was born in 1849 in Walton, New York. After attending the Walton Academy, he turned to teaching and at the young age of seventeen he was named principal of the schools in Easton, Pennsylvania. Cable left the teaching profession in 1869 to become manager of the western department of Barnes & Company, a book publishing firm. It was here that he developed the business and selling skills that he would apply to his piano business.
J. Frank Conover In 1890, he consolidated his business with J. Frank Conover, an extremely talented piano maker, and the Conover Cable piano company was born. So impressive were the pianos they built, that in a book entitled “The Piano in America,” Craig H. Roell proclaimed them among the highest quality pianos built in the late 1800’s.
Conover Cable piano company was later bought out by the Aeolian Corporation. Between 1899 and throughout the 1900s, Aeolian acquired many piano companies. By the end of 1982 Aeolian Corporation owned over forty registered brand names, including Knabe, Zimmermann, Cable and Conover-Cable.
Production ceased in the early 1980s but there are thousands of Aeolian pianos still in use throughout America, in private homes, schools, churches and rental fleets. They were renowned for providing students with the perfect entry level piano at a price that most families could afford.

Samick purchased the rights to the Conover-Cable and Knabe brand names in the late 1980s and started production. Conover Cable is still a popular piano brand in the United States because they continue to be made in the true spirit of those built by H.D. Cable, J. Frank Conover and Aeolian Corporation. Their strength, durability, consistency and affordability for everyone also make Conover Cable pianos the perfect brand for Australians and the Australian climate.

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Quality Assured
Conover Cable pianos are made by Samick Musical Instruments, the largest acoustic piano manufacturer in the world.
Samick became the first South Korean company to acquire the KS-Mark (Korean Industrial Standard) certification in 1971. Since then, Samick has continued to make efforts in developing new products and improving quality, starting with a technical cooperation with Klaus Fenner, a piano designer and technician from Germany. The venture with Klaus Fenner awarded them the gold prize in ‘The World Piano Quality Contest’ held by Diapason, an international music magazine from France in 1985. Fenner is renowned for designing the German Imperial Scale which gives pianos longer strings and larger soundboards than most other pianos.
Of particular note, Samick obtained the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance certification in February of 1995, ISO 9001 certification in February 1998 and ISO 9001:2000 in 2004 from Germany's TUV, the premier certification group with international authority. They have also achieved Japanese Industrial Standard certification which acknowledges that their pianos meet the stringent requirements of the Japanese market.
All actions (internal mechanisms) for Conover Cable pianos are manufactured in Korea and shipped to Indonesia where they are assembled into the cabinet. This ensures that Conover Cable pianos are made with the greatest quality and yet affordable for everyone. All Samick technicians are meticulously trained to meet the highest standards and the highest quality parts are sourced from around the globe.
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